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People of Pakistan will celebrate if army takes over, says Imran

  • Days after failed military coup in Turkey, Imran says Turkish people supported Erdogan because he spent money on education and health and paid the nation’s debts; says Nawaz has done the opposite, so people will distribute sweets if army takes over in Pakistan
  • Says democracy is under threat not from army but from Nawaz Sharif’s monarchy

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday said that the people of Pakistan will celebrate and distribute sweets if army takes over in the country, unlike what happened in Turkey.

“Democracy in Pakistan is under threat not from military but from Nawaz Sharif’s monarchy and the people will celebrate and distribute sweets if it takes over,” Imran said while addressing at political demonstration in Chaksawari, in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, ahead of elections in the valley on July 21.

The PTI chief said that the people of Turkey supported Erdogan as he increased the nation’s wealth, while PM Nawaz has burdened the people with more debt.

“Erdogan served his people, paid off their country’s debts, and constructed hospitals. That is why people supported him against the military,” Imran said.


Imran Khan said that Erdogan spent money on education and health, adding that the Turkish president waived off loans as well. He said that the public in Pakistan was being looted in the name of democracy. He said that Prime Minister Nawaz took loans worth Rs 6,000 billion during the past three years.

“In three years, Nawaz Sharif has burdened the people with billions in debt. Every Pakistani citizen has a debt of Rs 120,000 which is increasing every day.”


Imran also questioned the premier’s continued silence over the Panama Papers controversy.

“We demand PM Nawaz to tell us where he got the money from for his offshore accounts, but he does not give us answers,” Imran said.

“Sure, don’t reply. Saddam did not answer to his people. Neither did Qaddafi,” he added, referring to the slain leaders of Iraq and Libya respectively whose rules were overthrown in brutal civil wars.

He said that a prime minster is held accountable in a democratic setup but PM Nawaz is telling sad tales to the nation instead of responding on the Panama Leaks issue.

He said that the former British prime minister David Cameron also answered to his people, further adding that if the Pakistani prime minister was democratic, he would have responded in the parliament. He added that instead of responding to allegations, the government had tried to bribe the media and the opposition parties in the country.

Urging the people of Azad Kashmir to vote for his party, the PTI chairman said Pakistan should be strengthened in order to pressure India in favour of the Occupied Kashmir’s freedom.

Forces loyal to the Turkish government fought on Saturday to crush the attempted military coup which crumbled after crowds answered President Tayyip Erdogan’s call to take to streets and dozens of rebel soldiers abandoned their tanks.

More than 194 people — including 41 police, 47 civilians, two military officers and 104 described as “coup plotters” — were killed in clashes that erupted after a faction of the armed forces attempted to seize power using tanks and attack helicopters, some strafing the headquarters of Turkish intelligence and parliament in Ankara, others seizing a major bridge in Istanbul.


Earlier, on May 18, the government and opposition leaders agreed to form a 12-member Parliamentary Committee — including six members each from both sides — to draft the Terms of Reference (TORs) for the proposed commission to be headed by the country’s top judge for holding an enquiry against those owning offshore companies as revealed in the Panama Leaks.

Both the government and opposition parties had agreed that besides concentrating on the individuals named in the Panama Papers, the committee will also go after those who received kickbacks and commissions, as well as those who had their loans written off illegally.

Multiple rounds of talks between the two sides on the TORs failed as the opposition insisted on first holding the prime minister accountable while the government refused to make the Panama Leaks investigation PM-specific.

On May 31, the committee ended its fourth meeting in a stalemate and failed to evolve consensus on the issue.

According to independent observers, the committee may not reach consensus because both sides are poles apart as far as their expectations are concerned.

PTI announced during Ramzan that they will launch a “massive protest movement” over the Panama Leaks soon after Eidul Fitr.

PTI, PPP and Pakistan Awami Tehreek have all filed disqualification references with the Election Commission of Pakistan against the prime minister to declare him disqualified for elections under Articles 62 and 63 of the constitution.

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  1. imran said:

    Your comment.. Pakistani nation known your mental sickness. that’s why Pakistani not elected u..shameless person ik.

  2. Engr. Muhammad Asif said:

    I am with Raheel Shareef,
    Pakistan Army Zindabad..

  3. aslam said:

    I am supporter of IK but do not support his comments for army to take over

  4. S.R.H. Hashmi said:

    PTI Chairman Imran Khan is right when he says that as against Turkey where the people came out on the streets in large numbers and rolled back the attempted military takeover, if military took over in Pakistan, masses would ‘celebrate and distribute sweets.’

    However, Imran Khan’s comparison of Nawaz Sharif with Col. Moammar Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein was a bit unfortunate and was definitely an insult to both Moammar Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein. I say this because while both Moammar Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein ruled their country with iron hand and dealt ruthlessly with their opponents, they both had managed to keep the country together in very difficult circumstances, and in the presence of divergent groups. And what happened to the two states after the removal of their strongmen is a proof of that.

    The Western invaders had expected that as their forces marched in, the majority Shias in Iraq would come out in the streets to celebrate and to welcome them as liberators. However, that did not happen which means Shias were also satisfied with Saddam Hussein’s rule.

    And both Moammar Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein had given vast majority of the population a fair degree of peace, progress and prosperity. The fact that both countries hosted a large presence of expatriates, including from Pakistan, proves that.

    As compared to that, barring the founding leaders, the rest of Pakistani politicians have concentrated mainly on enriching self, family and friends at the cast of the masses, whose plight has been getting worse with each passing day. And with prestigious projects with costs inflated to astronomical levels through their hefty commissions built into these, they have burdened the country with loans far beyond its capacity to repay. Even presently, the government takes loans to repay old loans and the situation will only get much worse in future.

    However, while departure of the present breed of politicians would be ;good-riddance’ , welcoming outright takeover by the military would be most unfortunate, in view of the fact that both corrupt, inept politicians as well shortsighted, over-ambitious Generals share the responsibility of bringing the country to this sorry state, with the only debatable point being who is more to blame. I still think that a properly functioning democracy is what we need, though definitely not of the type of non-government, corrupt to the core, which had been imposed on us in the past, disguised as democracy.

    I think the armed forces would be doing us a great favour, and atoning past sins by their brethren, if they stayed on the sidelines, but nevertheless got the politicians to ‘agree’ to fresh elections, with eligibility conditions of Parliamentarians interpreted by the superior judiciary in simple, easily-applicable checklist form.

    Perhaps the new government and effective opposition coming as a result of fresh, free and fair elections, with eligibility conditions applied in letter and spirit, we could get a a set up which worked in the interest of the country and the people, instead of running the government for the benefit of self, family and friends of the government officials and those of the loyal opposition.


  5. tellmore said:

    No political party including PTI is not capable of forcing India to free Indian Held Kashmir. That will be possible only for Army. During Kargil war also, Nawaz Sheriff Govt did not co operate fully with Army. Had they co operated, by this time, IHK would have become free and a part of Pakistan.
    Hence, Army should take over and launch another operation Gibralter to take over Indian held Kashmir. Now the entire population of Kashmir are ready to leave India and merge with Pakistan. So the youth as well as Mujahideen are ready at this moment. Hence Army should not miss this chance to take revenge for 1971

  6. Eddied said:

    After recently seeing Turkey fail in a military coup, this fool IMK now suggests a military coup should happen in Pakistan? What an idiot…clearly he has no understanding of how important democracy is for Pakistan and what is needed to maintain it….this politician is dangerous for Pakistan…

  7. Shehzadi said:

    Just wait and see what world has in store for Turkey. Don't be impatient kids.

  8. kahlon said:

    i do not agree with you and these comments are worest thing of your lift you do not need vote just use shoulders this is proves that your adviser is sheikh rasheed get marriage and ask sheikh rashid too to get marriage . for improving mental level what kind of you are . in this century you are inviting marshal law dirty mind set.

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