No smooth sailing for PM Sharif after his arrival: Nizami - Pakistan Today

No smooth sailing for PM Sharif after his arrival: Nizami

Pakistan Today Editor Arif Nizami in his talk show DNA on Channel 24 on Monday said that upon his arrival, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif wanted to give a dignified look and that is why he cancelled a lavish welcome and a high tea arranged for him at the airport.

Nizami said that he doesn’t foresee any major changes happening in the status quo in the coming few weeks, but added that it won’t be a smooth sailing for Sharif either. He said that upon his arrival, Sharif was slightly hesitant to talk about political issues and it wasn’t the right time for it regardless.

On the matter of accountability, he said that he would like to see an across-the-board accountability ranging from civilians to the generals of the past.

Talking about Kashmir, he said that no doubt Kashmir issue is important, but that doesn’t mean you start ignoring rest of the simmering issues in the region.

Nizami said that in totality Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has stayed married only for around 10 years and his second marriage was nothing but a disaster and a flash in the pan. He added that this time, Imran Khan’s marriage is going to be an arranged one. Nizami also mentioned about a spiritual personality called ‘Pinky Pir’ who is often visited by Imran Khan in Pakpattan for spiritual reasons.

“When Imran Khan was being interviewed the last time on our show he was wearing a ring given to him by ‘Pinky Pir’,” Nizami clarified, and added, “Imran Khan has been suggested by his spiritual guide to get married first before having any aspirations of becoming a prime minister because, in any case, it’s important to complete your profile.”

Nizami said that Pakistani politicians have always been superstitious and often visit spiritual personalities or ‘Pirs’ because of the fear of black magic being done on them by their rivals.

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