New Taliban leader Haibatullah asks US to end Afghan ´occupation´ in first message | Pakistan Today

New Taliban leader Haibatullah asks US to end Afghan ´occupation´ in first message

New Taliban leader Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada on Saturday called on the US to end its “occupation” of Afghanistan in his first message since been appointed the militant group´s supreme leader in May.
“Admit the realities instead of the useless use of force and muscle show and put an end to the occupation,” Akhundzada said in a speech on the eve of Eid-al-Fitr, the Muslim festival marking the end of the fasting month of Ramzan.
“Our message to the American invaders and her allies is this: the Afghan Muslim people neither fear from your force nor your stratagem. They consider martyrdom in a confrontation with you as a cherished goal of their life,” Akhundzada said.
“You will not be able to frustrate the determination and our Jihadic struggle, by your resorting to extending the time of presence of your soldiers or of increasing military rule of engagement in Afghanistan,” Akhundzada said.
“You are facing up not a group or faction but a nation. You are not going to be a winner,” Akhundzada added.

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  1. neutral said:

    A daring warning and message. The US must understand that the solution of Afghanistan can not be solved by dictating their terms only. Decades have passed, millions have been killed yet the solution is not in sight. Get out of their land if want to see peace in this area. Get out because this place is thousands of miles away from yours. Get out because not one Afghan was involved in 9/11. You are playing Wolf and the Lamb for decades but just get out of here. Helping or spending money is not for the people of this area but serving your own interests. Enough is enough.

    • Idiot allert said:

      Taliban supporter neutral should join the Taliban or ISIS so he can live with the other brainwashed fanatics that want death instead of life..

  2. eddied said:

    This leader of killers should be completely rejected… the Taliban were never elected and do not represent the afghan people… this mass murderer only represents a fanatic culture of death… the USA will continue to support the democratically elected government of Afghanistan against these barbarian terrorists who send suicide bombers to marketplaces and mosques .all free peace loving people must work to eliminate the Taliban..until the last terrorist is removed from the earth…

  3. Ahmed Shah said:

    US has failed in Afghanistan even after 15 years of war. They can spend another 20 years and they will not win.

    • Human Cauze said:

      US entering Afghanistan, kicking Taliban regime out of power, killing Osama Bin Laden, Mullah Omar, Mullah Mansour and many more TERRORISTS … ALL while sitting in their own land is considered defeat?? 🙂

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