Rawalpindi admin cancels registration of 70 NGOs | Pakistan Today

Rawalpindi admin cancels registration of 70 NGOs

As part of the National Action Plan (NAP), the Rawalpindi Social Welfare Department (SWD) has cancelled registration of 70 NGOs in the district, after they failed to furnish documents and bank accounts for verification.

The SWD is also scrutinising 50 more NGOs, said an official requesting anonymity. He said that an initial report of the disqualified NGOs has been forwarded to the Punjab government for further action.

The official said that the SWD had sent notices to 356 registered NGOs, but 70 NGOs failed to reply as they existed only on paper and they shared no record of their activities with the government.

The NGOs whose registration has been cancelled included eight from Gujjar Khan, one each from Murree and Taxila and 60 NGOs from Rawalpindi Tehsil.

SWD Executive Officer Aslam Matila said that the registration of such NGOs has been cancelled which failed to reply to notices. Further scrutiny of more NGOs is under way, he said.

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