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Historic identity of Shahi Mosque Sargana restored

The Punjab Archeology Department has restored the historic identity of centuries-old Shahi Mosque at Sargana village of Mailsi, which was built during Emperor Akbar’s regime.

Local administration of the mosque had covered unique artwork of Kashi Kari and beautiful tiles during repair work.

The Punjab Archeology Department took a keen interest and restored the mosque’s historic identity by displaying Kashi Kari work again and using special tiles matching the ones which had been used in the mosque hundreds of years ago.

Punjab government had earmarked Rs 11 million for the restoration of the mosque to its original shape.

Archeology sub-divisional officer Malik Ghulam Muhammad, while talking to a news agency on Sunday informed that a good number of people could offer prayers in the mosque simultaneously as it had a 6,000 feet courtyard.

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