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Court dismisses plea to lodge FIR against Mufti Qavi, Qandeel Baloch

A local court Saturday (today) dismissed plea to lodge FIR against the case pertaining to Mufti Abdul Qavi for taking selfies with Qandeel Baloch.

Additional Sessions Judge Hamid Hussain announced the verdict.

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Advocate Mushtaq Ghani filed a plea in the local court and sought registration of FIR against Mufti Abdul Qavi. Advocate Mushtaq Ghani adopted stance in the plea that Mufti Abdul Qavi had hurt Muslim sentiments by taking selfies with Qandeel Baloch.

The additional sessions judge after hearing arguments reserved the verdict.

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Earlier, internet celebrity Qandeel Baloch set the social media on fire after she posted on her facebook page at least three selfies of herself with Mufti Abdul Qavi of the Veena Malik fame.

One of the pictures shows Qandeel Baloch wearing Mufti Abdul Qavi’s signature hat on her head while playfully posing for the picture.
The post shows the Mufti, who is known for his conservative stance on women, in an interesting, if not compromising position.

Talking to Pakistan Today on the telephone, Qandeel Baloch claimed that Mufti Qavi “is hopelessly in love with her” and that he had invited her to his room in Hotel Regent Plaza in Karachi for Iftaari.

“Mufti Qavi is the Qandeel Baloch of Maulvis,” Qandeel Baloch said when asked why she had accepted his invitation to visit him.

She said that Mufti Qavi had been persuading her since quite some time to meet, adding that the religious scholar had publicly professed his likeness for her. “I am hoping that Mufti Qavi will formally propose to me in our next meeting,” she said.

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