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Qatar buys Super Mushshak trainers from Pakistan

The State of Qatar has bought Super Mushshak trainers from Pakistan, said a statement released by the Pakistan Air Force on Thursday.

General Salem Hamid Al Nabet, Commander Air Academy Qatar, signed the agreement on bhalf of Qatar. Pakistan was represented by Air Vice Marshall Arshad Malik, Deputy Chairman Pakistan Aeronautical Complex during the signing ceremony.

The number of trainers bought is not known.

Super Mushshak aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force was also put up for static as well as aerial display in the Dubai Air Show last year, with certain nations expressing interest in the aircraft.

The Super Mushshak is an advanced variant of the Mushshak basic trainer, and is produced at the PAC.

It is used by the Pakistan Air Force, Royal Saudi Air Force and the Iraqi Air Force. Basic flight training is provided on the aircraft for aspiring pilots.

The aircraft has a service ceiling of 22,000 feet, and a maximum speed of 268km/h. Range of the aircraft is reported at 814 kilometres.

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