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Appointments made under political influence at Hazara University, Senate committee told

The sub-committee of the Senate Standing Committee on federal education and professional training was held at Parliament House on Tuesday to inquire, if any, embezzlements in the appoints and promotions of academicians in Hazara University.

The vice chancellor told the committee that in the past, there was some political influence regarding the appointments at Hazara University. However, the current vice chancellor withstood the pressure and ensure that all appoints are done solely on merit after following the due procedure. Committee Chairman Senator Nauman Wazir Khattak instructed the officials of the university to immediately inform the committee if they face any kind of political pressure from any party in future.

The vice chancellor said that the university has only seven posts for ‘professor’ but 57 posts were sanctioned. Similarly, out of 74 sanctioned posts for ‘associate professor’, the university has only ten posts.

The committee instructed the university officials to brief them in detail regarding the temporary appointments of the faculty done by the former vice chancellor and the procedure followed. In addition to this, the committee also expressed great concern over the increased rate of attrition of the faculty in last two years.

The committee asked the Higher Education Commission (HEC) chairman to brief them in detail regarding the pension fund created by the universities on HEC’s instruction. He was also instructed to provide details on research work carried out by the HEC recognised universities and steps taken by the HEC to ensure that the research being carried out is fulfilling its prime purpose of social good.

The committee was attended by Senator Nuzhat Sadiq, Senator Mushahid Hussain along with the HEC chairman and officials of Hazara University.

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