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Imtiaz Supermarket to continue business throughout the day during Ramzan

The Sindh High Court (SHC) Monday has granted permission to the store owners of Imtiaz Supermarket, after a partial closure order to continue their business throughout the day without any obligation.

On Thursday last week, Special Judicial Magistrate East Karachi had issued orders to the management of the recently opened store to remain close from 3:30pm till 9:30 pm.

The orders were issued after the supermarket failed miserably to come up with its own parking space amid poor planning.

However, the store owners challenged the order at the court SHC, saying it was ruining their business.

“If people are parking their cars at wrong points even after warnings, impose fine on them. They will forget to visit any store again,” said Sajjad Ali Shah Chief Justice SHC during the hearing on Monday.

The court also directed the authorities to manage traffic properly instead of getting the supermarket closed down.

Imtiaz Supermarket saga appeared on May 27 when the store attracted thousands of shoppers in Karachi on its opening day and even beyond, causing the hours-long massive traffic jam on the Rashid Minhas Road in Gulshan-e-Iqbal.


  1. neutral said:

    This is the only market people can buy their kitchen items at reasonable prices. In all other places the prices have been doubled and even more. Even if the Supermarket has provided enough parking place, it is the careless or stupid public who make things difficult. One can go and see millions of motor-cycles parked on both side of foot-path restaurants in the whole of Karachi under the nose of the Administration. All these eatries have life of public very very difficult – even for the pedestrians.

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