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An Anti Theft Drive is the need of the Hour

Theft is a plague that endangers the security of individuals and societies. Usually in a society, a person who steals is regarded as an immoral one. Power theft is considered a crime which is looked down on by every law of the country.

In Pakistan, it is essential to consider primarily that electricity theft is a crime from a religious point of view and ever as far as the law of the state is concerned. The electricity ordinance bill has been passed by the government in which theft of electricity was declared as a crime and punishment was described in the assertion and contents of the ordinance. The privately owned K-Electric’s ongoing Operation Burq which started last year has been an example for other distribution power companies. Now many distribution power companies IESCO, HESCO, and SEPCO have been carrying out anti-theft raids against power thieves.

I am sure that the results of this Nobel cause would be reflected in the coming days and relief would be passed on to honest consumers.

Having said that, I would also like to add that power theft is a crime and Ramadan is perfect opportunity for the power thieves to rectify their act and avoid stealing electricity.

Madiha Akhtar




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