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Five family members drown as jeep falls into Swat river

At least five people of a family drowned after a jeep crashed into the Swat River at Kedam area after plunging from Kalam road on Saturday.

According to Bahrain police, the unfortunate family was going to Utror from Mingora to spend the month of Ramzan in the cool weather, when their vehicle fell into the Swat River.

“All the five persons belonged to one family which included a husband and wife, their two sons and one daughter,” said a police official.

The incident occurred in the afternoon when the local residents of Kedam were mostly resting.

The locals rushed from their houses towards the site of crash upon hearing the loud sound of the vehicle crashing onto the river.

“When we reached the crash site, we saw a frame of the front screen, pieces of window glass and a number plate of the vehicle. The vehicle, however, had completely disappeared in the river, nonetheless the locals started searching for human losses,” said Aftab Ali, a local resident of Kedam.

Local residents and police have launched a search operation to recover the vehicle and dead bodies of the drowned family members.

Initially two dead bodies, identified as Bahadar Syed and Umar Syed, were recovered from the Swat River at Bahrain and Madyan areas while search for the rest was underway.

All the accidents which have so far occurred on Kalam road were reportedly caused by the worst condition of the road. The road was badly damaged and washed away at several locations by the 2010 floods.

Recently, four people died and four other were critically injured after a four-wheel jeep fell into the Swat River in Gornai village area due to bad condition of the road.

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