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Bajaur elders vow to expedite efforts against anti-state elements

The tribal elders from various areas of Bajaur Agency have announced to expedite their efforts to protect the region from militants and anti-social elements.
The elders made the announcement during a grand Jirga held at the political compound in civil colony Khar.
The Jirga was attended by scores of elders from different areas and tribes of the agency.
The participants of the Jirga said that militants’ activities in the region were not only against peace and normalcy, but were also a threat to the socio-economic development of the region. They added that these anti-state activities are also affecting the local customs, traditions and norms of the region.
The participants decided to form an alliance of the tribal elders of the entire agency to counter the anti-peace efforts of militants and other anti-state activities in the region.
They said: “This alliance is integral in uniting all the elders to foil any anti-peace efforts of militants”.
The Jirga was addressed by tribal elders from various areas including Malik Abdul Aziz Khan, Malik Umar Wahid Khan, Malik Bahadar Shah, Malik Abdul Qadar Khan, Maik Anwarzeb Khan, Malik Sultanzeb Khan, Malik Mohammad Ayaz Khan, Malik Mohammad Akbar and Malik Khanzeb.
They decided that a fine of Rs 2 million would be imposed on the tribal elders for violating merit in Jirgas. The participants vowed to continue supporting the security forces and local administration for keeping peace and writ of the government in the region.
They thanked the federal government for its efforts to bring positive and visible reforms in the current system of the tribal areas. They also appreciated the federal government for the dignified return of temporarily displaced persons (TDPs) to their native places.

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