Punjab govt to establish 17 Ramzan bazaars in Rawalpindi | Pakistan Today

Punjab govt to establish 17 Ramzan bazaars in Rawalpindi

The Punjab government has decided to set up 17 Ramzan bazaars in different parts of Rawalpindi starting from June 3. The scheme aims to provide the citizens with food items and other basic necessities on discounted rates during the holy month.

According to details, 11 Ramzan bazaars will be established in the main city and cantonment areas collectively, whereas the district areas will consist of a single Ramzan bazaar each. The bazaars will sell food items on special rates, and other facilities to meet the needs of the people, including free kitchen at Sehar and Iftar time. The price list of the available items will be illustrated on LCDs displayed at these bazaars.

Keeping in view the terror activities in the country the authorities have decided to make fool proof security arrangements at these bazaars. CCTV cameras will be installed at the entrance and exit points and other aisles to monitor the premises, while security guards will be deployed to ensure maximum security of the citizens.

Meanwhile, MD of the Waste Management Company, Irfan Qureshi, has directed the staff to draw up a cleanliness plan for Ramzan bazaars. Garbage containers will be placed at different points and sweepers will be posted in different shifts to maintain cleanliness. He will personally pay surprise visits to the bazaars during Ramzan in order to verify the implementation of the cleanliness plan.

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