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Educators in Need!

As we all know school fees are increasing every year. Parents have a difficult time paying them and sending their children to school. Receiving an education nowadays is just not easy. Most people are backing away from education because they can’t afford it.

In Pakistan, you’ll find a lot of people who have not completed their studies or could not even start them. You would often see teenagers working in small shops or driving rickshaw because they couldn’t continue their further studies. Sometimes even kids are working and their parents aren’t sending them to school since they need money more than their children’s education.  But some teenagers work and study at the same time, so they can afford their education.

There are many public schools in Pakistan, but most of them don’t have well educated teachers. Most public school students get to finish their education up to 10th standard and some don’t get to if they are too weak in studies.

In some schools, teachers don’t get enough salary, according to their work. Mostly we would hear these complaints in private schools, where the teacher doesn’t get paid equal to the amount of work they do. Teachers are the one who works hard to give their students’ education but when it comes to the salary most teachers would walk away or would put less effort in their work. For that reason students education gets disturbed.

Maybe if some people start a charity for the children who need education then maybe we wouldn’t have so many children left behind. We all need to cooperate and help these children. It might just make a difference in this country. We need more educators!

Rida Hanif