Student suicide case: Arrest warrant issued for principal, clerk arrested | Pakistan Today

Student suicide case: Arrest warrant issued for principal, clerk arrested

The court has rejected bail applications of Government Girls Degree College Muslim Bagh’s principal and clerk in Killa Saifullah district on Tuesday, in the case of a Saqiba Kakar, a female student who committed suicide earlier in February.

Principal Abida Ghous and clerk Mehmood’s bail applications were rejected by the District and Sessions Judge Syed Haroon Agha. The principal and the clerk are accused of being responsible for not forwarding the student’s admission form.

The accused clerk has been arrested by Muslim Bagh police after rejection of his bail application. The court also issued the arrest warrant for the principal.

The provincial government had formed a judicial commission to probe the circumstances leading to the student’s suicide. However, the report has not yet been made public.

The brother of Saqiba Kakar has filed a petition in the Balochistan High Court (BHC) demanding the judicial commission’s report be made public.

Chief Justice Noor Mohammad Muskanzai has ordered the provincial government to release the commission’s report within three weeks.

The government’s counsel, Shehak Baloch, has assured the court the report will be made public, but added that it has been submitted to the province’s chief minister.

“We want to know the reasons for my sister’s suicide,” said Kakar’s brother while protesting outside the BHC.

Saqiba Kakar, a teenage girl from Balochistan’s Killa Saifullah district, who led a protest against suspension of classes at her college owing to a shortage of female teachers, committed suicide in February after the college principal refused to send her examination form to the intermediate education board.

Kakar, who was a second year intermediate student, and 12 other girls were suspended from sitting their intermediate final exams by the principal, allegedly for staging a demonstration outside the Quetta Press Club in June 2015 demanding resumption of classes at their institution.

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