US ambassador ‘pleased’ after treatment at hospital in Islamabad | Pakistan Today

US ambassador ‘pleased’ after treatment at hospital in Islamabad

While Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is in London for his medical checkup, US Ambassador to Pakistan David Hale felt “pleased” after getting treatment at Shifa hospital in the federal capital on Friday, where he was diagnosed with “mild inflammation”.

“Ambassador Hale has been diagnosed with mild inflammation,” US Embassy spokesman Christopher Snipes told a private news channel.

“I am pleased to have been treated at a hospital in Islamabad,” Hale was quoted as saying.

The spokesman further said “it would take few days for Hale to completely recover from ailment as doctors have recommended him some medicines”.

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  1. probono publico said:

    Thank you, H.E. The USA Ambassador, please educate our PM to get his treatment done in Pakistan hospitals.

  2. alis141 said:

    Yes, open heart surgery is same as a mild inflammation.

  3. Imran said:

    Open heart surgery is performed everyday in hospitals with cardiac units and we have fully qualified surgeons who can do as good a job as any other foreign surgeon. The PM opting for going to the UK shows the lack of sincerity he has with his people and his country.

  4. Pakistan said:

    Seriously will he ever allow any one to open his heart and have a look inside? Does he really have a heart? Which hospital? Nobody knows.

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