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PM says people of KP realising mistake made in 2013 polls

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Friday said the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is the only beacon of hope for the disillusioned people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who were promised a change, but never delivered one.

Addressing a large gathering after inaugurating the Nawaz Sharif Kidney Hospital, the prime minister said the PML-N is striving hard to serve the masses and bring about a real revolution in their lives.

The huge crowd waved the green PML-N colours and continued to raise slogans throughout the event. Prime Minister Sharif also waved to the crowd who responded with cheers.

The prime minister said the large and enthusiastic crowd is a proof that the promised “change” has not come. He, however, assured the people that the PML-N will bring a real change in their lives.

He regretted that he failed to see any roads, hospitals and schools while the entire area appeared bereft of any modern amenities.

He said the mammoth gathering was a proof that the people were disillusioned with the fake promises and realised they made a mistake in 2013. But he assured the people that they need not regret as his government will bring about a revolution in their lives.

The prime minister said there were people who wanted to come to the roads, but asked, “Where are the roads? I did not see any good roads here,” as the crowd raised slogans.

He pointed that while his government was busy building roads, his political opponents had nothing else to do but to march on these new roads.

He said the PML-N has won the seat in Peshawar with an overwhelming majority.

Prime Minister Sharif said the new Kidney Hospital was a gift for the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He was appreciative of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar’s role and support.

The prime minister announced a sub-campus for women, a grid station for Tehsil Matta and Kabal with a cost of Rs 300 million as well as a technical training institute for the youth in the area. He assured that the gas network will extend to the area and load shedding will end by 2018.

He also announced installation of astro-turf in the stadium, while the Saidu Sharif Airport will be made into an international airport. He said the flights will operate to Dubai, Jeddah and Madina.

Prime Minister Sharif said he has directed the construction of the 133-km Chakdara-Kalam Expressway and another modern road between Bisham-Khawaza Khela. He said the road network will be connected to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor so as to bring a real economic revolution in the people’s lives.

“The prosperity of Swat makes Nawaz Sharif happy … I love Swat and want to see development and progress here,” he said.

The prime minister announced grants of Rs 200 million each for Zila Council of Swat and Shangla. He promised to visit the area before the election, as the crowd cheered. He also announced a sub-Campus for Shangla.

The event was attended by Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar, KP Governor Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, Advisor to Prime Minister Engr Amir Muqam, former KP governor Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan, KP PML-N President Pir Sabir Shah and senior PML-N leader Siranjum Khan.


Advisor to the Prime Minister Engr Amir Muqam praised the provision of modern facilities to the area and said the Nawaz Sharif Kidney Hospital will be turned into a teaching hospital at a later stage. He was critical of the political opponents of the government and said the biggest asset of the PML-N is its leader Nawaz Sharif.

He called for accountability of the PTI leader Imran Khan and said he himself was mired in the Panama scandal and should do some soul searching before making baseless allegations. He asked Imran Khan to tell the people of the fate of the Accountability Bureau of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He was appreciative of the thousands of people of the Malakand Division who had come to meet their leader Nawaz Sharif. He demanded a university and an engineering university for the area, besides an international airport to encourage tourism.

Swat District Nazim Mohammad Ali Shah said his district is striving hard to cope with many a challenge; but regretted that the PTI government is not interested in serving the masses. He said the roads are in a dilapidated condition, schools and health facilities are poor and no funds are available for public welfare schemes in Shangla and Swat.

He said the only modern amenity in Swat is the gift of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif where even basic facilities are non-existent.

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