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Sanaullah urges across-the-board accountability

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah observed on Thursday that accountability should be held across the board, saying selective accountability was not acceptable.

“If selective accountability is held, we will raise voice against it,” the minister warned, while addressing a press conference on the Punjab Assembly premises here.

Sanaullah, to a question, said the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was an independent institution and it was its responsibility to hold accountability of everyone, adding that of the government held accountability, then that might be termed political victimisation.

Responding to another query, the minister said that investigation process would not take long, as the list or record of those who had got their loans written off, got kickbacks (commission), those involved in rental power plants’ mismanagement and LNG quota misappropriation was all there, and investigation of all such matters would take just 10 days.

In reply to another query, Sanaullah said that when the name of Jehangir Tareen’s son appeared in an offshore company account, he was an adult and he could run that company independently, but wondered why they (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and other opposition parties) did not accept this reality for others.

The minister said that in the past, selective accountability was held five times, but that was rejected by the people. He also said that during the 2018 general elections, people would make decision through ballot (by voting the PML-N) to power again.

To a question on misbehaviour with women participants of PTI’s public gathering in Lahore, Sanaullah said those behind this indecent incident had been identified and after further probe, they would be brought to book. He however remarked that political gatherings were always purposeful, but unfortunately PTI’s public gatherings had nothing but a purposeless crowd.


  1. neutral said:

    He has also joined the Durbaris to defend the PM. He is fake-Doctor Rehman Malik of PML(N). Like Pervez Rashid, he also has forgotton that he has a Ministery to look after.

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