Several arrested as real estate agents protest against ‘corrupt’ CDA officials




Police have arrested several real estate agents who were protesting against Capital Development Authority (CDA), local media reported on Monday.

As soon as the protesters entered CDA Executive Block, police personnel charged them and shifted many of them to the local police station. The agents stated that not a single file is moved to high-ups at CDA without bribing the staffers.

The protesters demanded National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to take notice and launch action against corrupt officials of the CDA.




  1. ankhan said:

    i see the protest for real estate agents and their demands for nab instevagation this is questionable.
    (!) Is this way create by real estate agent ?
    (2) The real estate agent are main culprits for illegal plot shifting from one sector to other sector.?
    (3) CDA Employee union is proving umbrella to corrupt mafia.
    (4) Political influence is major cause of the corruption.
    (5) If merit bais and job oriented posting are made No one can take Corruption.

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