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Robbery in the premises of university

Karachi is suffering from law and order situation, where law enforcement agencies are not able to control the robbery, snatching and stealing of public property from street criminals. Similarly, the premises of University of Karachi are also affected from thieves, neither students’ bikes are saved nor their mobiles phones. Silver Jubilee Gate, Shieikh Zahid Gate, Maskan Gate, Pharmacy Canteen and surrounding areas of Mahmood Husain Library are the most affected area of University of Karachi. Due to street crimes, students of evening program are targeted mostly, because their classes get off lately near at 9 o’clock and they become easy targets of thieves. Few students of evening program have quit their education due robbery on daily basis.
Therefore, I, as a student of University of Karachi, request Chief Minister of Sindh, Interior Minister of Sindh and IG Karachi to take notice of this security issue and provide security to the students. If immediate action will not be taken, students’ lives will continue to be in danger

Aziz ullah