Minister wants govt, private sector to work to rehabilitate disabled persons | Pakistan Today

Minister wants govt, private sector to work to rehabilitate disabled persons

Provincial Minister for Zakat & Usher Malik Nadeem Kamran has said that rehabilitation of disabled persons and making them useful citizens of the society is our collective responsibility. He said the Punjab government has allocated a huge sum for the rehabilitation of physically disabled persons. He said that the disabled persons will not only be offered complete treatment, they will also be given prosthetic limbs.

He was addressing the participants of a free camp organised with the cooperation of Life for Limb Loss Foundation NGO at the Government Hospital Abdual Qayyum. The disabled persons were registered to get artificial limbs at the free camp.

Chairman Union Council Sajid Naeem Hippi, Chairperson of the Foundation Suriya Kausar Waheed, President Ch. Ahmed Qayum, MS Qayum Hospital Dr Abdul Waheed, Dr Khalid Niazi of Hope Foundation and Ahsan Sarwar of Rotary Club were present on the occasion.

Suriya Kausar Waheed informed the audience that artificial organs worth hundreds of thousands of rupees were distributed among 43 patients during the camp set up in 2014 which helped them become useful citizens of the society.

Dr Khalid Niazi of Hope Foundation said that 110 disabled persons have been registered. He said most of them are youth who lost their arms in fodder cutting machines.

Provincial Minister Malik Nadeem Kamran said that service to the ailing humanity is a worthy cause. He said it is the duty of those who have resources to spend on the less-privileged persons. He said that the Zakat department provides Rs 250 every year for the treatment of disabled persons to the hospitals so that no one is deprived of treatment. He stressed the NGOs and philanthropists to lend a hand to the government in rehabilitating the disabled persons.

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