Prime Minister House spent Rs 10m on tea in a year | Pakistan Today

Prime Minister House spent Rs 10m on tea in a year

The Prime Minister House spent a whopping Rs 10 million on tea in a year.

The prime minister, in the recent past, was in media spotlight for spending Rs 638 million on foreign trips since he assumed his office in 2013. However, the spending on tea at the Prime Minister’s Office echoed during the parliament session on Thursday.

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  1. NoShame said:

    Shameful for a country whose more than half of the population don't even access to clean drinking water!

  2. Nancy Qureshi said:

    Is Pakistani government really following the Islamic laws to govern the nation. It seem Pakistani government is following the rule " Rob the nation any way you can, make Pakistan as poor as possible. Have they forgotten, all have to die and be answerable before the Almighty?
    If they have forgotten this, any evil can be expected from them. I can only place them in the category which is below the animals category.
    As animals too just consume what they can and leave the rest for others. Like our government they don't steel from their own.
    Pakistani politicians just be afraid of the Almighty because this fear can only bring you back on the right track, beside this nothing can help you rise from the level you have dropped too. Real shame on you all " the robbers ".
    May the Almighty guide you to be fair or maybe He destroys you the same way, He has destroyed the bad guys in the past.

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