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Main suspect in triple murder case still at large

Police have yet to arrest the main suspect of the triple murder case of restaurant workers in Islampura.

SP City Investigation Muhammad Naveed said that police had taken into custody some close relatives of the suspect and raids were being conducted for his arrest. He said that the identity of the killer and the motive behind the murder are yet to be ascertained, adding that the police is trying to arrest the main suspect.

He informed that the police were assessing the matter from different angles, and that the role of the injured in the crime was also dubious.

Three employees of a restaurant, Umar, Naeem and Sheheryar were found dead and another employee named Zain-ul-Abideen was found injured in the Islampura police jurisdiction on Wednesday. The owner, Abdul Raheem of Al-Raheem Murgh Chanay and Tikka Shop near Noori Building, came to know about the incident when he opened his shop in the evening. He informed the police who reached the spot and collected forensic evidence from the crime scene.

The injured Zain-ul-Abideen told the police in his statement that Javed had killed his fellow workers by throwing red chilies into their eyes. The accused tried to kill him also, but he saved his life by hiding in a washroom.

Police were conducting raids for the arrest of the main suspect.

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