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More colleges

Ours is a developing country and its development is not possible without education, both academic and technical. It is regrettable to note that there is utter lack of educational facilities in Karachi. Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. In the last decade the population of Karachi has increased considerably. The number of students is also increasing every year. The existing colleges are unable to meet the requirement of the students. Every year thousands of students go without admission in the college after passing their SSC examination. Most of them are students of low merit so they do not get admission in the colleges. This is not wholly true. Provision should be made for the students of low merit so that they may turn into useful citizens. Lack of educational facilities is causing great frustration among the younger generation. They should be denied the right of getting higher education.

Many new towns have sprung up for with huge population. All these areas have almost no colleges. Each of these areas require at least two colleges, one for boys and girls each. Technical institutions should be established to accommodate the student of low merits.

It is urged that the government takes up the issue with all seriousness and devises ways and means to establish the required number of colleges in the city without causing further losses to the cause of education.




  1. sop service said:

    It's definite thing that we can't live without getting modern education. In under developed countries getting higher education is much difficult. There are various different reasons behind that.

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