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No end to kindness: from Diwar-e-Mehrbani to Bazaar-e-Mehrbani

Building upon the concept of Diwar-e-Mehrbani (Wall of Kindness), the Jafaria Disaster Management Cell (JDC), a welfare organisation, has decided to set up a Bazaar-e-Mehrbani (Market of Kindness) in Karachi.

The Wall of Kindness, a phenomenal charity work that came from Iran is getting a huge response in Pakistan, with people carving out spaces for this cause everywhere.

“We have decided to move the concept further so that even from Pakistan’s side a unique concept is generated for the whole world,” said Zafar Abbas, the JDC general secretary, speaking of the organisation’s plan of establishing a Bazaar-e-Mehrbani.

The JDC ran the campaign for five days and received a great response. “We got 13,000 new and old clothes from people. We also got TVs, fridges, washing machines, cupboards. People even sent us fruits,” said Abbas.

Because of the huge response it received, the JDC will be holding a Bazaar-e-Mehrbani expo three days before Ramadan. “It will be called Expo Bazar-e-Mehrbani and conducted at Karachi’s Expo Centre,” said Abbas, adding, “We will involve social welfare departments of all big institutes as well as educational institutes be it Institute of Business Administration, Bahria Town or Lahore University of Management Sciences; we will involve their students, and conduct the event at a grand scale.”

The JDC official further said that “donations for Expo Bazar-e-Mehrbani have already started flooding in. People are donating so much stuff that we don’t have a place to keep it. They are sending carloads of stuffs. They are sending furniture that is in really good condition”.

According to Zafar Abbar, their organisation is receiving calls from across the country and is likely to expand the charity programme to other cities as well.

Bazar-e-Mehrbani is one of the 89 projects of JDC. The organisation also has an ambulance service with dialators and ventilators which no other ambulance service in entire Paksitan has.

The JDC is also working on disaster management. “We gave money to the victims of Joseph Colony when their houses were burnt. We also donated Rs 2.2 million to the victims a blast in Peshawar,” concluded the JDC general secretary.

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