Govt claims of economic growth have proven false: Parvez Elahi | Pakistan Today

Govt claims of economic growth have proven false: Parvez Elahi

Pakistan Muslim League (PML) senior central leader Chaudhry Parvez Elahi has said that every claim of the government about economic growth had proven false.

While talking to party leaders regarding the reorganisation at his residence on Tuesday, Ch. Parvez Elahi said that all economic indicators had been contradicting the government claims. He said that during his party’s government, 10 million people in Punjab crossed the poverty line while 7 million received employment in 5 years.

He said that foreign debt during the current government tenure had already doubled to record levels of $66 billion. “During our tenure Pakistan was the only Asian country which succeeded in getting out of the shackles of the World Bank,” Elahi claimed.

He said that the foreign investment had been reduced by half as compared to his party’s tenure.

Commenting on the recent report of Transparency International, he said that the journalists knew that Adil Gilani was the Sharifs’ personal servant and that these reports were prepared in Raiwind.

Ch Parvez Elahi described the health card scheme as even a bigger ‘drama’ than Sasti Roti and other similar show-off schemes. He said that the government intended to shower favours on the private hospitals of N-Leaguers because neither the medicines would be made available nor beds to the general populace even though the government had been making claims to this effect.

He said that all the mega health sector projects which his party’s government had started had been scrapped. He said that 4,000 patients had expired due to Wazirabad Cardiology Hospital being continuously non-functional.

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