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Short-term kidnapping on the rise in Karachi, CM orders action

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah on Monday instructed the Inspector General of Police Sindh to end the menace of short-term kidnapping at all costs.
Short-term kidnapping, is when abductees are held at gunpoint and driven around for several hours in their own vehicle while ransom is arranged by the families. The ransom is usually whatever can be had – from ATM withdrawals, luxury watches and jewelry, anything that can be paid in exchange for the abductees’ release.
This menace first came to light in 2013 when approximately 10-15 such kidnappings were taking place in the city’s posh localities every day.
Since the launch of the Karachi Operation the menace of kidnapping saw a stark decline; the Additional Inspector General (AIG) of Sindh Police claimed in September 2015 kidnapping for ransom was down by 70 percent and earlier in January this year the IG Sindh claimed the menace of kidnapping for ransom was down by 98 per cent.
However reliable sources that two gangs operating in Karachi’s Central and West zones were involved in short-term kidnapping.
The source added that one of the two gangs has been busted and law enforcement agencies are working round the clock to nab the second gang as well.
With the chief minister’s fresh instructions, it remains to be seen how soon the Sindh Police will be able to nab the remaining gang involved in this heinous crime.

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