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Interior ministry seeks details of banned outfits in Punjab

Operation against terror outfits in Punjab may be initiated soon

Federal interior ministry has written a letter to Home Department of the Punjab government and sought statistics and details of the international terror group Daesh and all other banned outfits’ networks in the province.

Security agencies in Punjab have started collecting data of mosques, Imambargahs, details of their clerics and people who are living on rent across the province, the new agency Online claimed.

The news agency citing sources said that under the umbrella of the National Action Plan (NAP), security forces plan to launch an operation against all the terror groups and banned outfits across Punjab.

Rangers, police and other law enforcement agencies will conduct the operation in Punjab and forces are being equipped in this regard.

All police stations have been ordered to collect data of mosques, Imambargahs, and banned religious outfits in their areas.

Citizens have also been directed to provide details about suspicious activities in places of worship and religious schools in two weeks, sources said adding that strict action would be taken against those who failed to provide details in time or hide them.

Amid escalating pressure from opposition parties for speeding up action against proscribed religious groups, government officials revealed last week that over 600 hardcore terrorists had been arrested since the approval of the National Action Plan against terrorism.

Many of these terrorists were apprehended in an ongoing countrywide crackdown over the past seven weeks, officials monitoring the NAP implementation said on Sunday. They have been categorised by military and civilian agencies as ‘jet-black terrorists’ and their cases are to be sent to the interior ministry with a recommendation for trials in military courts, the officials added.

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