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Students, teachers seek implementation of job quota for impaired

Teachers and students belonging to schools for visually impaired and other physical disabilities functioning across Karachi, have demanded strict implementation of “job quota,” in different government and private sector organisations.

Expressing their views and concerns during a session organised by Sahar Foundation Trust on Monday they regretted that poor compliance of the law had largely prevented them from joining the mainstream socio-economic sphere.

Seeking adequate measures that may help them join the mainstream activities as efficient members of the society, people with special needs said the society in general must realize that “we are not incapacitated intellectually”.

Despite the fact that these students make extra efforts to overcome their disabilities and manage to learn varied skills besides acquiring certification and even degrees, they are still ignored, said Ejaz Ali a senior teacher associated with Saddar Vocational Educational and Training Centre.

Mohammad Faheem and Laila Ilyas, two of the impaired students referred to rampant indifference in the society towards their needs with specific reference to their mobility.

They also regretted that despite repeated assurances by different governments over the years, not only had there been no raise in the job quota for the physical and/or visually impaired but little attention was paid to ensure that the vacancies, under existent quota, were duly filled by genuine candidates.

Many of the students also mentioned lack of attention towards their recreational needs with due care for their emotional wellbeing.

They hoped that the programme organised by Sahar Foundation would be turned into a regular activity and help develop a single platform for the concerned students.