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Memon admits meeting Uzair Baloch but denies taking gifts

Former information minister of Sindh, Sharjeel Inam Memon on Monday admitted he met Lyari gang war leader Uzair Baloch a number of times, “but the accusation of receiving gifts from him are absolutely false”.

Speaking through video link in a TV programme, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader said his meetings with the Lyari gang war leader were a part of reconciliation efforts between Peoples Amn Committee (PAC) and Katchi Rabita Committee (KRC), two of the warring factions in the Lyari gang war.

Answering questions about former PPP leader Nabil Gabol’s accusations about his links with Uzair Baloch, he returned the accusation by claiming it was Nabil Gabol who supported criminal gangs like Arshad Pappu, Ghaffar Zikri and Rehman Dakait group.

About the pending cases against him, the PPP leader said that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has no evidence against him.

Referring to an enquiry against former information minister Sharjeel Memon, NAB prosecutor Noor Muhammad Dayo had told a media outlet on Thursday that the bureau was investigating the embezzlement of millions of rupees in the provincial information department.

Memon also questioned the Interior Ministry’s decision to put his name on Exit Control List (ECL) despite having no evidence against him in any case.

When asked as to why he left the country soon after Dr Asim Hussain’s arrest, he claimed that his stay in London has nothing to do with cases against him or fear of an imminent arrest.

“I am in London for the admission of my son into an educational institution here,” said Memon.

About his possible return to the country, Memon said he will like to face all cases against him, but he does not want to return “in a situation where he may turn into a prisoner”.

His name is currently on the ECL. A two-judge bench of the Sindh High Court (SHC) court put off a separate petition filed by Memon challenging placement of his name on the ECL.

Memon once held the position of the provincial information minister before he was replaced by senior PPP leader Nisar Khuhro in July last year.

His portfolio was later reshuffled in August, he continued to hold the portfolio of the archives and local government departments and was given the additional charge of the works and services department.

Memon lost his last ministry when he was dismissed from the post of Minister for Works, Services and Archives in December last year.

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  1. neutral said:

    The only leader from the old PPP (ZAB's or BB's) is Dr Zulfiqar Mirza who dares to side with Uzair Baluch and admits Uzair as his younger brother. Many others are saving face but a lot has been discussed in the Sind Assembly and their photos with Uzair Baluch are witness to it. Now Uzair's wife has approached Sind High Court and blamed MQM for killing Uzair's father in collaboraton with Owais Tappi, the so so brother of Mr 10%. A Pandora's box is due to open. Another of a Pandora Box is in possession of Dr Asim, a close confidant of Asif Zardar and who is in Rangers' custody.

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