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Experts warn against health risks to women exposed to repeated pregnancies

Majority of deliveries in Pakistan take place at home, exposing would-be mothers to serious health risks and demanding regular and updated hands-on training of birth attendants, said experts addressing a seminar organied by the Rural Healthcare Providers’ Association on Monday.
The experts called for easy access to primary healthcare facilities to help people in general and women in particular against conditions that might also severely compromise their life quality.
Repeated pregnancies, without any provision for safe and professional delivery practices, was said to enhance the risks of would-be mothers to “obstetric fistula,” an abnormal condition consequent to injury caused due to prolonged labour leaving women concerned to lifelong disability and frequent instances of abandonment by their spouse and even by their families.
It is due to injury caused to the organ that urine continuously dribbles, and often the patients are socially stigmatized, said senior physician Dr Mumtaz Ahmed.
Regretting that the disease caused significant distress in the lives of patients, she also deplored the myths associated with the condition and urged families concerned to approach fistula repair centres rather than reporting to the so-called spiritual healers.
Dr Gauhar mentioning that fistula as a treatable condition said surgery was a viable option that might permanently resolve the problem.
The experts also discussed precautionary measures needed to be taken by pregnant women and their families. They advised expecting mothers for adequate nutrition, regular checkups, and immediate medical care in case of any emergency.

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