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Schools remain vulnerable to terror attacks

After the deadly terrorist attack on Bacha Khan University, Charsadda in January highlighted vulnerability of educational institutes to , the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has failed to ensure security of schools as schools lack 1,600 security guards.

The federal and provincial government had directed the FDE and CADD to take strict security measures including deployment of trained security guards, installation of CCTV cameras and construction of boundary walls to avoid any untoward incident in future, but the reality on the ground is totally different.

Schools of Islamabad lack trained security guards. Talking to Online, Director General FDE, Moinuddin Wani said that the Ministry of Capital Administration and Development Division has been asked to ensure provision of funds for hiring trained security guards and we are waiting reply. “An application to the CADD in this regard has been sent already,” he added.

Following the Army Public Schools Peshawar attack, the FDE had hired security guards for colleges and schools but they were relieved due to the shortage of funds. The capital police last Sunday had reviewed arrangements to ensure security of educational institutions, media houses and other important buildings after the Bach Khan University attack.

During survey of different government educational institutions, it transpired that most schools and colleges lack security guards and many schools also lack boundary walls and other security equipment to secure buildings.

Another FDE official said that many schools in rural areas of Islamabad were vulnerable to risks as boundary walls of many schools could not be constructed despite claims by the authorities. “This complacence on the part of the authority will result in a disaster if timely measures are not taken to secure educational institutions,” he commented.

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