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School fees woes – PSMA asks govt to allow 10pc hike every 3 years

Private School Management Association (PSMA) has suggested that the Sindh government allow owners of private sector schools a 10 per cent increase in tuition fee after three years, to address the issue of high fees.

PSMA forwarded these suggestions to the Sindh Education Department Steering Committee, which sought proposals from the owners of private school to fix the issue.

The association also suggested that the provincial government create categories for private schools based on the towns they are located in and fix a maximum fee based on these categories.

PSMA suggested the government allow the 10 per cent increase after three years. The increase would be reflected in the monthly fees, so it covers the period for registration/renewal of registration.

PSMA advised the government to instruct the management of private schools to mention their fee structure on the first page of their certificate of registration/renewal of registration.

The association requested the provincial government to accept the audit report of the schools instead of asking for audits by chartered accountants, as it was not possible for all schools, especially for those situated in less privileged areas, to pay huge amounts to chartered accountants.

PSMA maintained that the less privileged areas of city are thickly populated and parents wish to educate their children but cannot opt for high standard schools since they can’t afford them.

“Therefore, they try to educate their children in those schools which are operating in their area having low fee structure and providing better education and need of education in such areas is more important, therefore those schools which are present in such less privileged areas and having low fee structure,” the association said, justifying the suggestion.

“The government should help the educational institutes which are imparting education on low fee,” the proposal said.

PSMA informed the government that the schools have to pay utility bills like water and sewerage and gas on commercial basis and they also pay commercial taxes. “PSMA suggested that the government take steps to support these schools and exempt them from all sort of commercial taxes and utility bills as the government did in case of electricity and now the schools are paying electric bills on residential basis,” PSMA maintained.

Talking to Pakistan Today, PSMA Chairman Sharfuzzaman said that the association has forwarded these proposals to the government in the light of abrupt increase in tuition fee by the management of some private schools to ensure security arrangements.

“There are some private schools in the city which are collecting Rs 30,000 per month from students and some others are charging Rs 1,000 per month from students, but the government treats both type of schools equally,” Zaman said.

“The government should support schools that are imparting education at low fees and exempt them from utility bills and taxes to discourage those who are minting thousand of rupees from parents on the name of quality education,” Zaman demanded.

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