Bahrain jails 57 Shias for prison mutiny | Pakistan Today

Bahrain jails 57 Shias for prison mutiny

A court in Bahrain on Monday handed 15-year additional jail sentences to 57 inmates involved in a prison mutiny, a judicial source said.

The inmates were convicted of rioting and mutiny following the outbreak of unrest at the Jaw prison south of the capital Manama last March, the source said.

In December 2015, a Bahraini court sentenced a Shia citizen to death and jailed 22 others for life for forming a “terrorist group” that killed two people, including a police personnel.

It is the second such ruling this week in the tiny Sunni-ruled Gulf kingdom, where members of the Shia majority population have led an uprising.

The court also revoked the citizenships of the 23 convicts and fined two of them 200,000 dinars ($530,000/480,000 euros), terror crime prosecution chief Ahmed al-Hammadi said in a statement.

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