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Riyadh orders Iranian envoy to leave Kingdom

Saudi government on Sunday ordered Iranian ambassador to leave the state within 24 hours.

Iran-Saudi Arabia split emerged deepened after Saudi embassy torched in Tehran. Saudi government on Sunday asked the Iranian ambassador to leave Riyadh within 24 hours.

Earlier, the Foreign Ministry of the Kingdom summoned the Iranian ambassador to the Kingdom and handed him a strongly worded protest letter following Tehran’s statements against the Kingdom over the executions of 47 convicted terrorists..

The ministry termed Iranian statements “clear interference in the domestic affairs of the Kingdom.” The ministry also called on Iran to take full responsibility of protecting the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and the Saudi Consulate in Mashhad and provide full protection to the Saudi diplomatic staff in accordance with international diplomatic conventions.

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    Iran will start pumping the oil soon and the oil will come down to 30 dollars. Good news for the oil importing countries.

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