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Imran Khan’s own tribe furious over veiled threat

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s own tribe turned against him after his ‘polite’ expression, which was taken as a veiled threat.

The members of Khan’s own clan turned against him when he asked them to give up their lands to build a sports stadium.

“I’m asking you politely now, sell your lands to us so we can build a sports stadium,” he had said, adding that the land will be taken away anyway when PTI comes in power.

The tribe members said that they are the rightful owners of the lands in question and no one can deprive them of what is rightfully theirs.

What will such a leader do if he comes into power, they asked. He is someone who wants to expel his own people from their own land, they said.

The landowners had donated 40 kanals of land to Imran Khan for a university previously. However, they have taken a firm stance not to give any it away any further now.

They say Khan used to beg for land before, but is now giving veiled threats, adding that he can try to do whatever he wants.

The landowners protested against Khan’s statement and said that they will move to court if they are forced out of their land. “How can a leader do justice with a nation when he can’t do justice with own people?” one protester asked.

The PTI chief has attracted protests not only from landowners but also from other locals.

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