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NEPRA devises rules for supplying power to bulk users through DISCO network

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has developed the draft Wheeling of Electric Power Regulations, 2015, applicable for wheeling services for provision of power supply to the bulk power consumers by a generation company (GENCO) while utilizing the transmission network of a distribution company (DISCO).

An official source said that the draft rules would help address the issue of charges for using infrastructure of a DISCO. Many bulk power consumers like real estate projects and industrial zones want uninterrupted power supply from a GENCO falling within the jurisdiction of a DISCO. But in the absence of the proper rules and regulations it was not possible.

NEPRA has sought public comments on the draft rules within 20 days. After receiving the views and comments the authority will decide on implementing the rules, the source added.

According to the draft copy, the “wheeling” or “wheeling services” means the use of the distribution system of the DISCO for the transport of electric power. The “wheeling agreement” will be the agreement between the DISCO and the wheeler of power (applicant) for wheeling services in accordance with Schedule-I.

The wheeling charges mean the charges for wheeling of power as approved by the NEPRA. The wheeling meters with technical specification specified by the DISCO will be installed at entry and exit points of DISCOs to measure the electrical power entering and exiting the DISCO network.

The rules say every DISCO shall offer non-discriminatory open access to its distribution and inter-connection services to the applicants who are either connected or intend to be connected to the distribution system of the DISCO.

Every DISCO shall prepare and maintain a detailed report of the electric power capacity of its distribution system. Such information or any other relevant information shall be available on the website of every DISCO and provided to the potential applicant within 14 days upon their request regarding the area where the Wheeling Services are intended to be availed.

Every DISCO shall ensure that with the addition of a new wheeler of electric power, quality of service of the existing users or wheelers of electric power are not adversely affected.

A generation company (GENCO) may construct a dedicated distribution system from its own expense to supply electrical power to its authorised bulk power purchasers (BPCs). Such dedicated distribution system shall be handed over to DISCO for ownership, maintenance and operation. However, the cost incurred by the generation company for setting up the distribution system will be recovered by the generation company through the wheeling charges. The DISCO shall not connect such dedicated distribution system to its other distribution network without the consent of GENCO.

The DISCO shall acknowledge the receipt of the application within three days of the receipt of the application if the same is complete and contains the requisite information for processing the application: provided that any application which is incomplete or is not accompanied by the required information shall be returned within three days of filing thereof, identifying in writing the deficiencies in the application and the applicant shall be given a reasonable time to re submit the application.

The application if found satisfactory shall be accepted by the DISCO within 10 days of acknowledgement of receipt thereof: provided that no application shall be accepted unless it fulfills all the requirements regarding interconnection as required under the distribution code and grid code; provided further that where the applicant seeking wheeling is not connected with DISCO system, an application for such connection shall be filed with DISCO in terms of Distribution and Grid Codes and both parties shall enter into a Connection Agreement in this regard.

The DISCO shall enter into a wheeling agreement with the applicant within thirty days of the acceptance of the application and a copy of the agreement shall be submitted to NEPRA within seven days of execution of the agreement. The wheeler of power shall have the option of renewal after expiration of the original term of the agreement.

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