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PM approves naming 122 schools after APS victims

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif approved on Monday rechristening 122 schools and colleges of Islamabad after names of the December 16 Peshawar attack victims.

The initiative has been undertaken to ensure the memory of the victims continues to persist in our nation’s history, announced the premier.

On December 16, 2014, Taliban gunmen slaughtered 150 people, more than 130 of them children aged between nine and 19, at the Army Public School in Peshawar in an assault that shocked and outraged the country.

Subsequently, a 20-point NAP was approved by the country’s political leadership following the attack.

Military courts were later set up after the 21st constitutional amendment, and end of moratorium on execution of death penalties as a response to the deadly attack.

The prime minister said the intolerant do not want our children to learn but he will not give in to their demands.

To fight back against enemies, we must promote tolerance, enlightenment and education in our homeland, added Nawaz.

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