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Al-Huda distances itself from former student Tashfeen Malik

Religious teaching cemtre Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation has distanced itself from Tashfeen Malik, one of the attackers who shot 14 people dead in California last week, a day after the news broke that the shooter was a student of the organisation’s Multan centre.

A statement on the foundation’s website says , “Tashfeen Malik had studied at Al-Huda International’s Multan branch for a brief period between 2013 and 2014. She left without completing the Diploma course. No organisation can be held responsible for personal acts of any of its students.”

The statement also says that, “The organisation does not have links to any extremist regime and stands to promote peaceful message of Islam and denounces extremism, violence and terrorism of all kinds.”

The website says that the organisation firmly believes that any aware Muslim would never involve himself/herself in violent acts.

“In order to maintain full transparency about what we teach and what we believe in, we have kept our courses open and available online,” the statement concluded.

Founded by Farhat Hashmi in 1994, Al-Huda has no known extremist links. It functions as a religious teaching centre and is also involved in welfare activities.

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