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Mashhood urges teachers to create awareness about cleanliness

Education plays important role in creating awareness regarding cleanliness. Campaigns are launched from time to time in the schools for promoting good habits of health and cleanliness among the children.

The Education Department has taken number of steps for ensuring latrines, drainage of dirty water and provision of potable water in educational institutions. Pakistan is fully participating in achieving the international targets of cleanliness, provision of clean drinking water and elimination of substandard food up to 2030 set by UNO.

These views were expressed by Provincial Minister for Education Rana Mashhood while addressing a seminar held on the occasion of “World Toilet Day” at a local hotel on Thrusday.

The seminar was arranged by an NGO Aagahi. MPAs Sardar Hamesh Singh Arora, Rahila Khadim Hussain, Ayesha Javed and Shanila Aslam also attended the seminar.

Mashhood said the Punjab government has launched in project of installing filtration plant in every district costing billions of rupees for ensuring provision of clean drinking water throughout the province. He said the people do not pay attention to construct latrines in their homes.  He said that a few years ago, dengue was spread in the province due to non-implementation of hygienic principles but a successful anti-dengue campaign was launched under the leadership of Chief Minister Shehbaz sharif for creating awareness about hygienic principles and dengue virus has been controlled to a large extent.

He said the role of teachers is very important for creating awareness of cleanliness in schools and colleges and the guidance of teachers can be helpful in this regard. He said the Punjab Education Department is utilising all available resources for provision of basic communities in every school. The minister appreciated the efforts and assistance of NGOs for achieving international targets of cleanliness.