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Dar sees vast scope for Islamic banking in Pakistan

Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar said on Wednesday that there is a vast scope for Islamic Banking in Pakistan and the government is encouraging those who are interested in this field.

Addressing the launch of Islamic Index at the Karachi Stock Exchange, the finance minister said that the Islamic Index would have a positive impact on the stock exchange. He said that the shares could now be traded according to Sharia.

He said there are numerous opportunities of investment in Islamic Banking in Pakistan.

He said foreign investors are taking interest in investing in Pakistan due to prudent policies being pursued by the government.

Dar said that the current economic situation of Pakistan was quite stable.

He said the government did not seek any foreign assistance for earthquake victims and for the ongoing operation Zarb-e-Azb in North Waziristan’s tribal region.

To a question, Dar said fulfillment of energy needs is vital for the country’s progress and the projects to generate 14,000MW of electricity are underway.

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  1. neutral said:

    It is no pleasure to read to what he says. He always says what he (or his government) does NOT mean. Islamic Banks will NOT redress the sick economy and the system. No Tax-collection, flight of Foreign currency from the country is not checked, more inflation, Qarze pe Qarza and much more. Why can he not bring back the US$ 200 bn of Pakistanis deposited illegaly in the Swiss banks ? The less said is better.

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