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PPP MPAs express apprehensions over next phase of Karachi operation

A number of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leaders including MPAs expressed reservations on Sunday over the statement of the federal interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan announcing the launch of the next phase in Karachi operation, saying that it looked as if the roots of all crimes and terrorism were based only in Karachi while situation in other parts of the country was calm and tranquil.

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MPAs Dr Sohrab Khan Serki, Sardar Muqeem Khan Khosso, Haji Abdul Rauf Khosso and Mir Abid Sindrani said that terrorism had jolted the whole of the country with many areas being affected by the menace of terrorism, extremism and sectarian violence. In particular, extremist and terrorist organisations had their bases in Punjab and the terrorists from those bases had attempted to carry out many acts of terrorism in other parts of the country, they said. They said that an example of terrorism from such terrorist groups was the suicide attack on a Moharram procession in Jacobabad, which was the real portrayal of their sick mentality.

They said the Sindh government was doing everything to eliminate extremism and terrorism from the province but the federal government and federally controlled institutions had failed to extend their full support to Sindh provincial government.

They said the federal government should review its policy and stance on fight against terrorism and should extend full cooperation to the provinces especially the Sindh government so as to fully eliminate the menace of extremism and terrorism.

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