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Tall claims of CDA buried under taller heaps of garbage along expressway

Garbage heap at Korang Nullah along the expressway has exposed the tall claims of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to make the city clean and green.

Nauseating smell produced by the garbage heap is a constant irritant for residents and motorists using the busy road on daily basis.

Residents of the area think that the CDA and private housing societies on both sides of the expressway are equally responsible for the unhygienic situation because they do not have appropriate facilities to dispose of the solid waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Talking to the news agency, residents and visitors to the area said that sanitary workers and garbage collectors from different localities dumped filth in the Korang Nullah which sometimes blocked the flow of water and caused flash floods especially during the monsoon season.

Locals said that no existing or upcoming housing society had a proper design or plan to construct a separate landfill site or incineration plant to dispose of solid waste produced by the residents on a daily basis.

Ali Hassan, a government servant who commutes between Rawat and Islamabad using the expressway every day said he and his colleagues had developed the habit of covering their noses even while sitting in a car with closed windows while passing through the area.

He said it was beyond understanding why the department concerned was oblivious to the garbage heap which was having a negative impact on environment and health.

Abdul Salam, a local, said the dumping site had become a source of diseases and should be immediately shifted from there.

Malik Abid, who received his guests coming from abroad at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport said he felt ashamed when passing through the nullah along with guests to reach his home in Kahuta.

Health experts say that such a huge pile of garbage could cause various dangerous diseases like Dengue, Hepatitis and others to break out in the city.

When contacted, a CDA official said he was not aware of the actual situation of the area. “Where garbage is dumped, I do not know,” remarked the CDA official.

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