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Two missing persons cases registered under JC directives

Complying with the orders of the Judicial Commission’s, Police registered two missing persons cases on Saturday

According to media reports, cases were registered by the family members of the missing persons who had accused the intelligence agencies of lifting their sons on reports of their connection with the banned outfits.

Muhammad Khurshid resident of Dhok Hassu complained in his report that his elder son, Mubashar, had started participating in Jehad in Afghanistan and Kashmir and was affiliated with a militant group. Therefore, he dissociated himself from his son. Mubashar was released and he later broke off with his family. His whereabouts are not known since he left two years ago.

Muhammad Khurshid claimed that his younger son, Munib and daughter-in-law were also picked up by the intelligence agencies on March 18. His daughter-in-law had been released but his son had not been set free so far.

In the second case, Muhammad Sadiq of Dhok Hassu claimed that his nephew Asad Khan and cousin Tahir Khan were present at his home on March 18 when SHO of Ratta Amral police along with police personnel entered his home in plain clothes. They took away Asad Khan and Tahir Khan in a police van. Tahir Khan was released but Asad Khan had not been freed so far.

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