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Chinese media attaches high importance to CPEC

Chinese media attached high importance to news reports, relating to China-Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC), said He Zhanjum a senior local journalist while addressing the second-day of a media seminar held here on Wednesday.

The seminar, organized by the Xinjiang’s information office of the State Council was being attended by senior journalists from 13 regional countries.

CPEC is most important development in Sino-Pak relationship, Zhanjum said adding the media of the two countries should keep liaison with the relevant authorities and cooperate with each other to highlight the progress on this account.  President’s Xi vision of one road, one belt was received well by the world community and the CEPC is equally important in this context.

Media needs to highlight this vision in its proper perspective, since it a step forward towards peace and development in the entire region. Sino-Pak relationship has received new momentum with launching of CPEC and all relevant departments are actively engaged for its implementation in letter and spirit.

Speaking about the rapid growth of Chinese media in recent years, He Zhanjum said it has emerged as most powerful information source World over and the size of media  industry in China has been expanding rapidly. There are 1900 newspapers, 9800 periodicals, nearly 250 television with more than 3000 tv channels and 200 radio stations.

He Zhanjum, who is Editor-in-Chief of Xinhua News Agency Xinjiang branch further said this State-run news media has also raised its strengthen, particularly at international front in recent years. Its number of overseas branches has increased from 103 in 2009 to 180 this year and it has nearly 3400 employees working abroad.” We are ready to strengthen cooperation with the international mainstream media for the mutual benefit,” he added.

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