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FPCCI’s Businessman Panel restructured

The Businessman Panel of the FPCCI has been restructured to oppose United Business Group (UBG) in the upcoming elections of the Apex Chamber.

The Businessman Panel has initiated election campaign and appointed Tariq Sayeed as its patron. Former president of FPCCI Sultan Chawla has been elected a chairman of the group and former president FPCCI Zakria Usman has been elected ad chairman Sindh.

Likewise, former president FPCCI Ghulam Ali has been elected as chairman Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, former vice president FPCCI Naveed Jan Baloch has been elected as chairman Balochistan while Anjum Nisar, the third largest taxpayer of country, has been elected as chairman Punjab.

Majority of the leaders of Businessman Panel wants Senator Haji Ghulam Ali to run for the slot of president FPCCI against UBG’s candidate Abdul Rauf Alam, said central leader of the Businessman Panel and former vice president FPCCI Khurram Sayeed.

In a statement issued here on Thursday, he said that UBG had violated law and democracy by nominating Abdul Rauf Alam as candidate for the slot of president FPCCI for the year 2016. He said the decision was worst example of dictatorship as no meeting was summoned, UBG’s core committee was kept in dark while no one was allowed to run for the slot.

Khurram Sayeed said that Alam had never been to a high school, he lacked leadership and administrative skills and all he got was experience of working at Alam Tailors Islamabad for decades.