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SECP to educate investors about financial products and investment opportunities

In order to enable investors to make informed choices about financial products and investments, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has launched Investor Education initiative for investors’ protection and building their confidence.

The program is aimed at educating various segments of public, including students, professionals and retirees through virtual and physical means about capital markets, insurance, non-banking finance companies and corporate sector. On June 8, 2015 the SECP launched its educational web portal under the brand name jamapunji as a gateway to educating different segments of the society through digital technology. The SECP has taken numerous measures to create awareness among the public on financial planning and investment avenues available in Pakistan’s capital markets through the web portal Jamapunji.

Promoting investor education program “Jamapunji” is vital to reach out to existing and potential capital market investors. In order to spread the message among the target audience, the SECP has decided to ask all listed companies to include an informational message on Jamapunji in their annual reports. Beside, all the companies intending to issue prospectuses would also be required to publish the same in their prospectuses.

Earlier all public sector companies and licensed entities have been directed to place Jamapunji’s logo and web link on the homepage of their websites. The Commission’s decision requiring Jamapunji web link on intermediaries’ websites has significantly expanded the Jamapunji outreach both to existing and potential investors.

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