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Altaf backtracks from statement seeking Indian help

Days after issuing a controversial statement allegedly seeking India’s help besides calling on UN, NATO and the US to send their troops to Karachi, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain on Tuesday backtracked from his remarks.

In an audio statement issued on MQM’s official website, he said he never made any appeal to the Indian Army or Indian government to save Mohajirs in Pakistan from oppression in his address on the occasion of the party’s 19th Annual Convention in Dallas, US.

“People who are alleging this statement to me are distorting facts,” said the MQM chief.

“I challenge all those who are saying that I uttered the words that Indian Army or Indian government should come to Pakistan for helping Mohajirs and saving them from oppression to play these sentences from my speech on any forum in the world.”

“I am ready to lay down my head if accusers can come up with these sentences from my speech. If they fail to present these sentences, then they should die in shame.”

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  1. Shiraz Khan said:

    I say this time Altaf Hussain should die in shame. This time he has gone to far with his comments and l feel sorry for his party members defending his comments on the media. If he has an once of integrity left in him, he should resign forthwith. Knowing him he will never resign. It's time the party sorts itself out or there won't be a party left.

    • Roy said:

      Don't feel sorry for other MQM members. Waseem Akhtar of MQM recently said that "There is nothing wrong in inviting NATO". Capturing targets killers need to continue with iron hand but people of Karachi who vote for MQM again and again need to wake up. Then the party will die itself.

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