Malala to call for $39bn education investment at Oslo summit | Pakistan Today

Malala to call for $39bn education investment at Oslo summit


Student activist Malala Yousafzai will be calling on world leaders at the Oslo Education Summit to deliver on their commitments, and ensure every child has access to 12 years of free quality primary and secondary education.

Malala will reportedly urge leaders to invest an additional $39 billion annually to make this promise a reality.

It is her first visit to Oslo since receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.

“Last year in Oslo I spoke of our historic opportunity to put an end to wasted potential and empty classrooms. And now, we must make a choice: to choose more of the same or to choose bold leadership to ensure that no girl is denied an education. Now, we must seize this opportunity and put a plan in action to ensure all girls can achieve at least 12 years of quality education,” said Malala.

In May 2015, ministers from over 100 countries signed on to the Incheon Declaration in Korea, committing to provide free primary and secondary education to all children by 2030.