At Karachi Central Jail, a comic book helps young minds | Pakistan Today

At Karachi Central Jail, a comic book helps young minds

CEO of Azcorp Entertainment Imran Azhar launched a comic book revolving around teenage Pakistani heroes, and decided that the first people to get a look at the book should be those who need it most.

The soft launch of the first chapter of local upcoming comic book “Team Muhafiz” took place last week at the Youthful Offenders Industrial School (YOIS) located in the Karachi Central Jail, where teenage inmates were introduced to a new set of heroes who come from different ethnic and religious backgrounds and are fighting for social justice.

“Team Muhafiz is about redefining our villains – villains who are cutting trees, encroaching green space for their personal gains, selling drugs to children and using the same children to commit crimes once they become addicts. What better place to launch the comic than the central jail, where young offenders are the very victims of those villains who use them as a means to their own end,” Azhar said while explaining his choice for the venue of the launch.